Ben Shaberman


Jerry’s Vegan Women

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 Notable Praise

Jerry’s Vegan Women is an absorbing collection of stories about a thoughtful guy whose life is changed through his relationships with vegan women.  Through Shaberman’s storytelling, the reader empathizes with Jerry and his compassion for our planet’s amazing animal kingdom.

- Carole Hamlin, Board Member, Vegetarian Resource Group

You don’t have to be hardcore vegan to enjoy and appreciate the engaging—and often insightful—stories of Ben Shaberman.  He writes with flair, humor, and compassion about characters, relationships, and situations that have a universal appeal, even to the steak-and-potatoes reader.

- Roland Goity, Editor, WIPs: Works (of Fiction) in Progress Literary Journal

The most engaging aspect of Ben Shaberman’s writing is his distinctive voice. Typically lighthearted, often amusing, Ben’s voice grabs you by the hand and pulls you along for an entertaining ride.

- Tiffany Hauck, Editor, Split Infinitive, Literary Journal

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